Body of Israeli Missing in Ukraine Since Rosh Hashana Found

Amir Ohana was in Uman as part of annual pilgrimage to grave of a founder of Bratslav Hasidic movement.

The body of an Israeli man missing since Rosh Hashana has been found in Uman, Ukraine, the Israeli Foreign Ministry announced Saturday.

Amir Ohana and his family were reportedly traveling to the city of Uman as part of an annual Rosh Hashanah pilgrimage to the grave of a founder of the Bratslav Hasidic movement.

Ohana's wife, Meital, posted on her Facebook page that on Tuesday he had gone into a forest to spend time alone, and had not been heard of since. “He told one of the guys that he had found a great place in the forest,” Meital Ohana told the Ynet news site. “He went back there, taking his Crocks, and disappeared.”

Ohana said her husband had epilepsy and that no insurance company had agreed to insure him for the trip, and so after he disappeared, only the local police and a team from the Zaka search and rescue organization were searching for him.

“Nobody from my country, the country I was born in, contacts me, sends a search party, doesn’t help me find him,” Ohana posted on Facebook. “I must have help, let them send helicopters, an expedition, let them do something, because until now nothing is happening, nobody from the state even contacted me and my husband is there, perhaps seriously injured and my hands are tied.”

The Ohana family posted a video Friday containing a personal appeal from Meital Ohana to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. “Bibi Netanyahu, prime minister, I believe in you, please help us – I don’t know in what way,” she said, adding, “he is my husband and my life and I can’t live without him.”