Major German Newspaper Pays Tribute to Fallen Israeli Soldiers

Bild, with daily readership of 12 million, runs feature with photos and profiles of IDF soldiers killed 'fighting Hamas terror' in Gaza.


The popular German newspaper Bild on Monday published an extremely sympathetic story about the Israeli soldiers killed in Operation Protective Edge.

It included photos of all 64 soldiers killed, under the caption: "Israel fighting Hamas terror – faces of the fallen."

"64 Israeli soldiers have died. 64 sons, friends, husbands, who will not return to their families. They fell in the Gaza Strip while fighting Hamas on behalf of their homeland," read the story, which included profiles of some of the soldiers.

Bild, one of the largest selling newspapers in the world with a reported 12 million readers daily, is published by the Springer media conglomerate, an outspoken supporter of Israel.

At the end of last month, as the fighting in Gaza sparked an outbreak of anti-Semitic incidents in Germany and elsewhere in Europe, Bild launched a campaign titled, "Jew-hatred – never again." The front page featured photos of German politicians, actors and other public figures calling for an end to anti-Semitism.