BBC Prankster Duo Fails to Fool Israel's Embassy in London

Jolyon Rubinstein and Heydon Prowes, who managed to trick David Cameron and the International Criminal Court for their show The Revolution Will Be Televised, just couldn't fool the Israelis.

Israel's embassy in London, 2010.
Israel's embassy in London, 2010.Credit: ASSOCIATED PRESS

The British television show The Revolution Will Be Televised, airing on BBC Three Sunday, tried to pull a prank on the Israeli Embassy in London but was unsuccessful, the Jewish Chronicle Online reported Thursday.

While in previous pranks the show's stars comedians Jolyon Rubinstein and Heydon Prowes were able to trick U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron and the staff of the International Criminal Court, where they put up wanted posters for Tony Blair and George Bush, they were unable to enter the Israeli embassy, the Jewish Chronicle said.

Rubinstein and Prowes tried to enter the embassy in guise of building surveyors equipped with hard hats and uniforms, but the security team guarding the embassy spotted the cameras and wouldn't let them in, the report in the Chronicle read.

“The embassy was much harder to get into than all the other places we tried,” Rubinstein told the Chronicle, adding that the prank was not intended “to make light of the Israel-Palestine problem. We are drawing people’s attention to the issues.”

Embassy spokesman Yiftah Curiel was critical of the show's attempt, telling the Chronicle the embassy was “a sensitive location where terrorist attacks have taken place in the past,” adding that "the use of BBC public funding in order to create the appearance of a security threat at the gates of the Israeli embassy, is highly inappropriate.”

On the other hand, the embassy did invite the duo to the embassy Purim party “so they can see what real dressing up is all about.”