Anat Kamm Suing Haaretz for Revealing Her as Paper’s Source

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Anat Kamm, the woman serving three and a half years for leaking classified military documents to a Haaretz journalist, is suing the paper and others for NIS 2.6 million for revealing her as the reporter’s source.

Haaretz published a series of articles based on the documents, which included plans for military operations, information on troop deployments and summaries of internal discussions.

The suit claims that reporter Uri Blau and Haaretz broke an agreement with Kamm as a source, publishing the articles close to the time she gave the information to Blau. According to the suit, Kamm realized that if Blau had not made the agreement with the Shin Bet, the documents could not have been used against her.

Kamm served until June 2007 as an assistant to the head of the Israel Defense Forces’ Central Command. There Kamm gave classified documents to Blau in October 2008 after copying them onto two CDs and later onto her laptop at home.
In December 2009, Kamm was called in for questioning by the Shin Bet security service and admitted leaking the documents to Blau. Kamm says in her suit that the fact Haaretz published the reports without consulting her alerted the Shin Bet that the material had come from a source at Central Command.

According to the suit, “after looking into the matter, it became clear to the plaintiff that Blau and/or Haaretz had made an agreement with the Shin Bet that Blau’s rights would be preserved and the documents in his possession would be returned. The plaintiff realized that this agreement, signed in September 2009, was not conditioned on the documents not being used to locate the source.”

In addition to suing the paper and Blau, Kamm is suing Haaretz publisher Amos Schocken and then-deputy editor Avi Zilberberg, who was also head of the news and investigative-journalism department.

Anat Kamm at the Supreme Court, Dec. 31, 2012.Credit: Olivier Fitoussi