Ten Israeli Animal Rights Activists Arrested in Connection to Decapitation Displays

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Eight men and two women were arrested by the Tel Aviv police for scattering animal heads in public places, in actions aimed at promoting animal rights.

Over the past months, Gush Dan police received numerous complaints from people who encountered the decapitated heads of cows and fish strewn around central urban locations around Gush Dan region, accompanied by graffiti.

In some instances, the heads were placed in water fountains whose water was dyed blood-red. "The slaughterhouses' walls have become transparent" and similar slogans were spray-painted near the displays.

The actions were undertaken by members of a group identifying itself by the name '269life', an international animal rights group that is active in Israel.

A covert investigation by the Yarkon District police resulted in the arrest of ten activists whose homes were searched, and were discovered to be in possession of material that connecting them to the organization.

None of the suspects have a prior criminal record, and they are of various ages - the youngest being 25 years of age, and the oldest 65. They reside in various places around Israel – Afula, Haifa, Jerusalem, the Sharon Region and Tel Aviv.

Police say the suspects do not deny being part of the organization, yet are not confirming any connection to the actions in question.

The head of a cow and water dyed blood-red at a public fountain in Tel Aviv on March 5. 2013.Credit: Tomer Appelbaum