9 Reasons Why You Should Spend Your Passover in Israel

For one thing, kosher for Passover hamburger buns.

Vered Guttman
Vered Guttman
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An orangutan eats matza at the Ramat Gan Safari, near Tel Aviv April 7, 2009.
Even orangutans go kosher for Passover in Israel.Credit: Reuters
Vered Guttman
Vered Guttman

1. Because almost everyone eats like a Sephardi in Israel during Passover. More and more Ashkenazim are adapting to the Sephardi laws for Passover, consuming Kitniyot (seeds, legumes and various grains) during the holiday: fresh young fava and peas that are in season, hummus, tahini, rice, corn. The holiday looks better already. 

2. McDonalds serve their burgers in a kosher for Passover hamburger bun (yes, even their cheeseburgers). And you can order kosher for Passover pizza at Pizza Hut. Not that they’re all that good, but it’s something you need to see to believe.

3. In addition to the aforementioned fast food joints, you can actually find real restaurants (not just a couple - many!) that serve kosher for Passover food. And that includes Italian restaurants that serve pasta, pizza and bruschetta, all made of potato starch and corn starch.

4. Bakeries make seriously fabulous Passover cakes, parve versions included. What would you think about ending the Seder with a parve hazelnut espresso cake with dark chocolate mousse? Or an almond based cake topped with layers of milk chocolate mousse and caramel mousse? And passion fruit cheesecake?

5. You could also easily bake a cake on your own, using the variety of kosher for Passover self-rising flours and cake mixes available in every supermarket.

6. Even if you stick to matza only, the variety is huge and includes gluten free, spelt, whole wheat, rye, onion-flavored potato starch, matza dipped in chocolate and candy - you can even get chocolate bars with matza pieces.

7. If you’re on a gluten-free diet this is the time to fill your suitcase with gluten-free delicacies, such as chocolate wafers, cakes, cookies, pretzels, breadcrumbs, pasta and a variety of cereal - all kosher for [Passover].

8. Even in Bedouin tents in the desserts, you could be served matza brei (although you may really miss fresh pita at this point).

9. Everyone, including security guards, your hairdresser, cashiers and waiters greets you with “Have a happy, kosher Passover”.

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