Israeli Teen Arrested Over Video Showing Him Throwing Dog Over Fence

A friend of the 18-year-old suspect posted a video of the incident on Facebook; the suspect later apologized in another video, claiming he was drunk at the time.

An 18-year-old resident of Kfar Sava, northeast of Tel Aviv, was arrested Friday evening, the day his friend posted a video on Facebook showing the suspect abusing a blind dog. After several hours of questioning, the police released the suspect to house arrest.

The suspect is seen in the video outside of a house in the company of a number of friends. He is seen grabbing the dog and throwing the animal over a high fence. The suspect and his companions are then seen laughing about what the suspect did. The dog's owner is then seen attempting to reach the dog but the owner is held back by several of those present. Once the video was posted on Facebook, it was reposted by a number of others seeking to determine the identity of the suspect.

By Friday evening, the 18-year-old Kfar Sava resident apparently expected to be taken into custody and a number of Facebook users who had recognized him began to issue threats against him. The suspect then recorded another video clip in which he apologized for his actions and begged for forgiveness for what he had done, saying  that he had been drunk at the time.

In addition to taking the suspect into custody, police summoned the dog's owner to provide testimony in the case and asked that he bring in the dog to determine if the pet had suffered injury, which could affect any punishment imposed against the suspect. In fact, the dog was not injured in the incident.

The police are expected to wrap up their investigation at the beginning of the week and transfer their findings for review by the prosecutor's office over the possible filing of animal cruelty charges.

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