Former Haaretz Journalist Leaves Sydney Hospital After Accident

Akiva Eldar underwent an operation after being hit by former INXS front man Jon Stevens.

Akiva Eldar (center), August 2010.
Akiva Eldar (center), August 2010. Emil Salman

Haaretz's former political correspondent Akiva Eldar was released from St Vincent's Hospital in Sydney on Saturday, almost two weeks after he was run over by New Zealander rock star and television personality Jon Stevens.

Eldar, who underwent surgery after suffering from injuries to the head and legs, was photographed leaving the hospital on crutches.

Eldar, who is in Sydney visiting family, was hit by Stevens' BMW on May 18 in the affluent neighborhood of Point Piper.

Stevens did not visit Eldar at the hostpial, local media said, but issued a statement shortly after the crash, saying: "I hope the gentleman is okay. Police and paramedics have assured me he is but I'll be checking in to make sure. It was just an accident."

Stevens is a local television personality in Australia and served as front man for Noiseworks and INXS.

Jon Stevens's apology after running over Akiva Eldar
Screen shot from 9News.