World Likud Chief Calls for Cancellation of Nakba Day Procession

Danny Danon calls on Dichter to ban march, says Arab leader that incites against state should be arrested.

Danny Danon, the chairman of World Likud, appealed to Public Security Minister Avi Dichter on Tuesday to issue a ban on the "Nakba Day" procession to be held by Israeli Arabs on Independence Day.

In a press release distributed to the news media on Tuesday, Danon said the purpose of the march is "to oppose and incite against the state."

"This is a deliberate and subversive challenge of the Arab Israeli leadership against the existence of the State of Israel," Danon said.

Should Dichter fail to heed Danon's call, the World Likud chair said he intends to appeal to the district court. He also demanded the authorities arrest any Arab leader quoted as inciting against the state and its institutions, as well as anyone seen brandishing the flag of an enemy state or a terrorist organization.

World Likud is one of the bodies of the Likud responsible for quarterbacking the movement's activities overseas.

Nakba Day is observed by the Arab population in Israel with marches through destroyed villages. This year, the Higher Arab Monitoring Committee decided to hold a procession and a rally in the village of Sforiya, near Tzipori, in the Nazareth region. One quarter of the Arab citizens of Israel are "internal refugees," who until 1948 resided in villages that were destroyed in the war.