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A few months ago Leon Rosenberg, editor of Bip, announced his resignation. He left the channel, which belongs to the successful Channel 2 franchisee Keshet, to host the new entertainment news program on the HOT cable channel. His replacement is Nadav Frishman, who is responsible for "Limited Edition" and is the spiritual father of "Layla Bekef."

Traditionally, and with total justification, Bip has been considered an experimental "laboratory" for the mother franchisee. In recent years many talents and innovative ideas have emerged from it, and its relative remoteness from the mainstream enables the people on its shows to walk on the edge when it comes to being politically correct. But Frishman also identifies other qualities in the program.

"In today's prime time you can find the strange and marginal programs of 10 years ago," he says, referring to "A Wonderful Country" and others. "It's exactly the same wild humor, the same use of characters. This process is now taking place. If the mainstream expands to the margins - our language may become mainstream."

Frishman also took the scandal of the women and the bikinis very hard, and has definite opinions on the matter.

"We were shocked by that criticism," he admits. "There's a program on Channel 10 called 'The Bachelor.' There are 20 girls there, whose only raison d'etre is getting this guy to want and love them. That's the entire program. As compared to 'The Bachelor' [what we did] is pure feminism - in a sort of reverse logic. As compared to those 20 girls whose only objective is for him to choose them and give them a flower, and that's the entire meaning of their lives! What are you broadcasting to women and girls? There's one man and he has to decide and choose from among them all, and they better dress nicely, because he's coming soon."

"In 'Survivor' as well as on the most widely viewed programs on Channel 2, they know how to do a close-up of a woman's body in a bathing suit, to linger for a moment on her crotch. Anyone who talks about the objectification of women should speak to the person who does this, like a thief in the night. We do it in your face, with criticism, but it went over the heads of those who criticize us."