The players on Esporte Clube Bahia, the league’s Brazilian side, say they are sure to make the Top 8
The players on Esporte Clube Bahia, the league’s Brazilian side, say they are sure to make the Top 8. Photo by Courtesy
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As Ghetton's 5-a-side soccer league enters the crucial stage of its Champions League qualifiers, some teams could secure their spot among the Top 8 tomorrow night at Goaltime Tel Aviv, during the third match day.

In Group A, table leader Arsenal will rest while Sporting Lisboa, the other dominant team of the group, will have the taxing task of facing Maccabi Tel Aviv's Jonny Stark, James Heron, Alon Nisenblat, Shai Bracha and the Mexican Sandler brothers.

Sporting can count on teenager Alex Assedo, the emerging star of the league and a great top scorer so far. Lisboa's Djerby brothers also can count on Daniel Gai tomorrow, back from Italy for this crucial match.

The other Group A match will be Bayern against FC Hakoah. For both teams it will be a sort of last call: The team that misses out on victory will find it nearly impossible to reach the Top 8 champions group. Bayern captain Emanuel Heymann looks confident after weeks of intense training with Pascal Cohen, Micha Staszewski, Yaniv Moyal, Sam Silberberg, Ben Lerner and Ardon Wesly. On the other hand, FC Hakoah's Michael Katina has improved the squad with a couple of new entries.

The tightest race

Group B is so far providing the tightest race. Four of the group's teams have three points each. Chelsea is led by Avi Goloboff, Gaston Hilman, Tom Maor, Alan Caler and Jony Shafran. The crew made a terrific impression on the rest of the league, winning 9-1 against Roma last week. Chelsea has an important match tomorrow with Tottenham, which will have the full lineup on this crucial game: Dan Gerdon, David Sasson, Jonathan Gee, Gil Abraham, Mike Sion, Dan Schothland and Dan Richards.

Also in Group B, Bahia will play Ajax, which is still stuck on zero points. For Michael Hess and his Dutch team, this match is an opportunity not to be missed. The Ajax lineup for tomorrow will be Hess, Avi Tahan, Dennis Koolar, Aron Waltuch, Damian Browarnih, Eyal Bollag, Mario Flores and Gideon Bernstein. The Brazilian members of Bahia say they are quite confident about reaching the Top 8, and Roni Maltz Bin is leading a great, well-organized and fair-playing team.

Group C has three teams within one point of each other: Manchester City (four), Manchester United (four) and Barcelona (three). Milan and Boca Juniors have both failed to register a point.

Boca manager Jonny Ben David and coach Arik Bendaud have trained the team lately to compete with the leading teams of this group. Tomorrow's match against Man. City will define Boca's chance of reaching the Champions League. Man. City will take to the pitch with its best lineup: Maor Shalom, Daniel Tisei, Samuel Dell'Ariccia, R. Hayon, Y. Milhem and I. Abramosky. This team has the luxury of having two great goalkeepers on the bench in Theodore Bokhobza and Roy Sasson.

Barcelona has improved this season, beating Milan in its last game. Eran Ben David had assembled a nice puzzle with Shlomi Romi, Ran Shwartz, Alex Rosenbaum, Yosi Avni and Kobi Agranati. Barca will play a big match against Man. United. Jonathan Guirchonn will be back from injury for the English side, joining Julien Wiegler, Jonathan Benkalifat and Julien Rose on a very competitive squad.