Dr Joop de Graaf. Courtesy shot.
Dr Joop de Graaf. Courtesy shot.
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Dr. Joop de Graaf, a respected Dutch communal leader and scientist who immigrated to Israel last year, will receive a high civilian award from the Queen of the Netherlands.

The 70-year-old - whose birthday last week coincided with Queen's Day festivities in the Netherlands - will be made a Knight in the Order of Orange-Nassau.

Nominated for the honor by three organizations, de Graaf has been active in the Jewish community, the pharmaceutical industry and academia for nearly five decades.

He was cited by nominees for his key role in the acquisition and restoration of a historic synagogue in Dieren, a town in the province of Gelderland.

de Graaf spearheaded the establishment of ESSWAP Courses in Whole Animal Pharmacology, a scientific foundation that teaches classical pharmacological methods to an international cadre of young, modern bioscientists at Utrecht University in the Netherlands.

de Graaf moved to Modi'in with his wife, Onnie, in October.

"The honor makes me feel humble and proud at the same time," de Graaf told Haaretz in an interview from Boston. "It signifies, foremost, the appreciation of my friends and comrades in arms for many years who nominated me. And all these friends tell me that they feel proud too."