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Israel's Holocaust property restitution company has launched an English-language Wb site to expedite the restoration of Holocaust-area assets in Israel. The English version of the site, as launched two weeks ago, lists about 7,000 records of Israel-based assets that belonged to people who perished in the Holocaust.

The Company for Restitution of Holocaust Victims Assets published its initial Hebrew list of assets and names on June 20. On the first day alone, the site recorded 35,000 visitors.

With the English-language version of the site, the organization seeks to increase the number of claimants. The company, which was founded last year, seeks to locate potential claimants "as soon as possible," according to CEO Yishai Amrami.

All the listed assets have been transferred to the company. These include a number of dormant Bank Leumi accounts and hundreds of properties that had been held by the Jewish National Fund, some worth millions of dollars. The company hopes to add additional assets that are currently held by public and private institutions, in order to restore them to the rightful heirs.

According to the company, 2,300 requests have been submitted so far. Requests can be submitted via the Web site, which also enables users to download and print forms for mailing. There are no plans to add additional languages to the site. The address: www.hashava.org.il