Warmongering 'Til It's Bad for Business

The same people who marched the Americans into the Iraqi quagmire are also marching us down the valley of the shadow of Israeli-Palestinian death.

After the bombing of the Samarra mosque, all out war breaks out in Iraq. The Sunnis against Shiites and vice versa, and the Kurds, too, can't keep their hands out of the blood. Truth is, it broke a lot sooner, exactly three years ago, and what name will be given to a war that has already taken 100,000 casualties - and who, in any case, is counting?

Only in the past few days has the definition that best suits the situation been used with any regularity - civil war. Until now, they avoided using the term, lest it pave the way for the devil's work, and now he has opened his mouth and is spitting fire.

Those with eyes in their head reckoned from the start that this would be how it ended. And the end will be long because the war in Iraq is like the war in Iraq, and it is difficult to put an end to it. The Iraq losers are of course the Iraqi people and the American people, who bleed endlessly; but the world in its entirety is losing when messianic zealots win, whether the messiah is Mohammed, Jesus or Moses. The Iraqi experience plants hope in the heart of fundamentalists who send black blood through the veins and arteries of humanity: there is a chance to destroy the old world and build on its rubble their new and terrible world; their paradise with all its delights is our hell with all its horrors, and in Iraq, the gates of hell were opened.

All the water of the Euphrates and Tigris will not douse the war of Iraq which takes forms and changes forms before our eyes. Those who liberated it foment it here as well, exactly the same people. The ballot box that rose up like a golem against its creators in Iraq, rose up in the land of the Palestinians; as they plan a new democracy, they let loose an anarchy, and let out of the box a Shiite-Khomeinism without Khomeini there and Hamas here.

From the start, the Hamasniks were given some credit, an Israeli invention like the invention of Hezbollah. We invented it and strengthened it in the belief that there is no dialogue, no give and take with religious zealots, while with relative moderates we would have to agree on finalizing and ending the 1967 adventure. And who wants to be close to the Green Line and give up the occupation, the most profitable branch of the Zionist movement. We haven't withdrawn, we haven't set our borders and we continue in amok to "scrape the barrel of terror" as if it has a bottom. We cut off the "heads of the snake" and smashed them - that's how we weakened the "collaborators" and strengthened the "shaheeds" and that is how Ismail Haniyeh and his gang won.

Israel won't violate an agreement with traditional allies. So Dov Weissglas and his gang decided to put all the Palestinians on a diet. Instead of giving Hamas a chance to gradually and willingly change or to make the demanding reality force it to change or break its head trying, our government has decided to once again offer Hamas a helping hand. From now on it cannot fail, because Israel will foil it; and those who Israel and America try to trip up - in Iraq, the territories - immediately get back on their feet. Even Saddam Hussein stands up straight after the head of the Israeli Shin Bet dropped a rope of nostalgia into his spider hole.

It's said about this world of ours nowadays that it is one big global village, and every village has its fool. This global village's fools are running the world - the "ideologues" in Washington together with our excellent fools, who grew up in the Sycamore Ranch and are handed down by inheritance.

Have they never read the Old Testament, in English or in Hebrew, or the first chapter of Exodus? How a new king of Egypt arose and did not know Yosef and exploited the children of Israel and enslaved them and embittered their lives? And what was the result? "And when they are tormented, they will multiply and break out?" Evangelist Americans from the Bible belt are supposed to know a chapter of Bible and understand.

Is it reasonable to buy new counsel from those who sold the old, used and foolish counsel? Is that logical? Is it responsible? After all, the same people who marched the Americans into the Iraqi quagmire and those who encourage them on their march of folly - all the foolish advisors - are the same people who are marching us down the valley of the shadow of Israeli-Palestinian death. An entire brigade of local and global fools, and at the head of the march is Commander Tom Thumb. True, the farmer's owner is asleep, but the forum of the farm is awake, and it won't rest and be quiet, just joking and laughing and one can die laughing. It takes guidance from one Amos Gilad and advice from them all, from Mofaz to Dichter to Yair Naveh. There are those whom it's forbidden to give guns and there are those who are forbidden to give a majority: watch out, not for the ides of March, but its end.

And maybe there is a way to end optimistically: soon the elections will be over, and the tycoons with their mouths to the ears of the politicians will start to pressure; they don't want to lose the Palestinian market, which sends billions into their pockets. Trust them that make the ministers and advisers get a grip on themselves and reality; and attorney Dov Weissglas will represent the businessmen who are interested in business as usual and what the little minds didn't do, the big money will. And despite everything, the wheels will move at the casino roulette.