Two Men Turn Selves in After Filmed Shooting at Palestinians

Two Kiryat Arba residents caught on film shooting at Palestinians Thursday turned themselves in to police yesterday. The men allegedly committed the actions in Hebron, following the evacuation of the so-called "House of Contention."

An activist with the B'Tselem human rights group filmed the men.

One of the men, Zeev Braude, was filmed shooting at Palestinians at short range, hitting one. In the video, the injured man is seen falling to the ground. He then gets up and begins throwing stones at Braude.

The second man, Gabi Bibi, a combat soldier with the Kiryat Arba first response team, is seen shooting an M-16 in the air, near Palestinian residents. The incident occured in a wadi between the House of Contention and nearby Palestinian homes.

Braude told police he had come to complain the Palestinians shown in the film had tried to lynch him, and Braude's lawyer said his client needed 36 stitches in the head as a result.

The two men say the video was edited and does not reflect what really happened, and that the Palestinians had tried to lynch them prior to the scenes shown on film.

Security forces remained on high alert throughout the West Bank over the weekend, especially in Hebron, fearing Jewish residents would try to stage revenge attacks on Palestinians.

Although tense quiet prevailed, the Israel Defense Forces is leaving its reinforcements in the city for now.

An IDF official told Haaretz their clear directive was "zero tolerance for rioting and violence by Jews."

To prevent attacks by Jews on Palestinians, troops have taken up positions on the seam neighborhoods, within Palestinian houses. The civil administration has taken testimony from Palestinians whose property was damaged by settlers. Palestinians were also given an emergency phone number to call in case attacks resume.

Some worshippers in a synagogue in the Giv'at Haavot neighborhood and the Cave of the Patriarchs ejected policemen and border policemen who wanted to pray, over the protests of other worshippers.

Yesterday, a group of girls from Kiryat Arba entered the Shapira House, another contested property in Hebron, and were removed by police. Meanwhile, prayer services held in front of the House of Contention included prayers against the government, the police and the Border Police.