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Founded in 2000, the Bauhaus Center is a dynamic mix of exhibition space, museum and a shop dedicated to Bauhaus-influenced and original Israeli designs.

The goal of the Center is to expand public recognition of Tel Aviv's 'White City', recognized by UNESCO as a unique architectural and cultural site. You can find unique homeware, presents and Judaica in the shop. Some of the designs focus on recycling materials, such as a clock made out of jerrycan decorated with Israeli industrial logos of the 1950s and a side-lamp made from a cheese grater.

There are modernist takes on traditional Judaica items such as Chanukkiyot, Shabbat candlesticks and sleek Bauhaus mezuzot. Don't miss browsing the wealth of old prints and posters from the early days of Tel Aviv, as well as a comprehensive selection of books about the Bauhaus movement and its unlikely history in this corner of the Middle East.

Many of the shops' products are available to buy over the Internet.