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Maccabi Tel Aviv will receive close to 5 million euros or NIS 26 million for its participation in the Champions League last season, according to figures released yesterday by UEFA.

All told, European soccer's governing body will pay out a total of 415 million euros to the 32 teams that participated in the group stage of the competition.

English clubs dominated the cash league, with Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal

making up three of the top four earners. Liverpool will receive 30.6 million euros for winning last season's trophy.

UEFA splits revenue from television rights and sponsorship according to teams' performances, while television revenue comes from broadcasters in the teams' countries.

Due to the large fee received to broadcast matches in the United Kingdom, Chelsea received the second-highest share at 28 million euros, even though it only reached the semifinals.

Arsenal, which was eliminated in the second round, had the fourth-highest amount, with 23.4 million euros. Milan will collect 26.2 million euros, the third-highest sum.

Maccabi was ranked 30th among the 32 teams in its television revenue weighting and although it scored four points in the competition, it receives less than half the sum received by Spanish club Deportivo La Coruna, which scored only two points.

Maccabi receives 1.62 million euros for reaching the group stage, 1.95 million for participating in the group stage, a further 487,000 euros for its four points and 735,000 for television rights.