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The last round of the ladies National Fives will be played off at Netanya at the weekend, with only two teams - Ramat Gan and Haifa - in contention for the overall trophy.

Ramat Gan will start the day with a four-point advantage over Haifa, but has only three games to play against Haifa's four; and with two points allocated for each win, the final result could be a close-run affair.

Ramat Gan will have to win at least two of its games in the singles, pairs and trips to counter a four-win challenge from Haifa. The two clubs will then end on equal log points, with the final overall result to be determined on shot differences accumulated during the day.

In the singles, Haifa's Miriam Pappenheimer has done exceptionally well, having won all her five games; and in her final run, she will be up against Ra'anana's Carmel Scop, who is in the third log slot, with two wins.

Pappenheimer will have to win this game to fend off a challenge from Kiryat Ono's Ruthie Gilor, who is close on her heels. In another telling encounter, Ramat Gan's Liat Atlas will be up against Gilor.

In the pairs, Haifa's Pappenheimer, with Irit Grenchel, face Ra'anana's Arlene Rubin and Isobel Myers. Both sides are evenly placed, with five log points apiece.

Ramat Gan's Atlas, with Edna Zomberg, will face a stiff challenge from Kiryat Ono's, Gilor and Esti Yogev, who head the log, three points ahead of Ramat Gan.

In the trips, Ramat Gan are in the top log slot, well ahead of Kiryat Ono; but the result will be important to Ramat Gan in the final count.

Haifa's fourth game of the day will be in the fours against Ra'anana. Both teams are evenly placed, with the result equally important for Haifa's overall challenge.

Ramat Gan has completed its fours rounds and has come through unbeaten and already the winner of the fours trophy.

Results of last Saturday's play:

Singles: Pappenheimer 21, Pillemer 9; Atlas 21, Gorali 7; Gilor 21, Prager 6. Pairs: Savyon 15, Kiryat Ono 12; Ramat Gan 24, Ramat Hasharon 14; Netanya 17, Haifa 17. Trips: Ramat Gan 16, Ramat Hasharon 12; Savyon 14, Kiryat Ono 12; Haifa 18, Netanya 13. Fours: Netanya 22, Haifa 20.

Overall log points: Ramat Gan 27, Haifa 23, Kiryat Ono 18, Ra'anana 17, Savyon 15, Netanya 15, Ramat Hasharon 11.