Israel's foursome of George Kaminsky, Chaim Shefer, Colin Silberstein and Raymond Sher returned from Hong Kong with much to tell of missed opportunities in the two two-day tournaments.

In the first competition - the Tiger Tournament - 54 teams participated, 45 from Hong Kong's 22 clubs, plus the Hong Kong national team, together with visiting teams from Brunei, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, South Korea and Israel.

The teams were divided into nine sections of six each. Playing in a strict format of three sets of three heads each, including no trial heads, and no visits to the head, the Israeli team nevertheless won all five of their games to finish top of the 54 teams. They moved forward to the next day's play in which the top 24 teams were divided into four sections of six each.

Here the Israelis were not at their best; in fact, among the six teams, none won more than two games out of the five.

Israel, however, had the best shot difference to finish top of their section, but to their disappointment they were not included in the last four qualifiers for the semi-final play-offs as the top four teams were based on the highest point count across the board.

The second tournament saw very much of the same pattern for the Israelis. The original schedule had 24 teams divided into two round-robin sections of 12 teams each to play 11 games, alternatively outdoors and indoors.

Bad weather, however, allowed only three of the 11 games to be played to the scheduled eight heads - the remaining eight were scheduled to six heads, all played indoors.