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The Bosnian national team coach, Miso Smajlovic, decided yesterday to ban journalists and fans from his team's training sessions.

But Smajlovic is fearful not only of Israeli spies. He's also trying to keep his team far from the prying eyes of the Bosnian press, which is describing Saturday's game as "one of the most important in the history of Bosnian soccer."

Instead of allowing reporters to watch his players training, Smajlovic will hold a press conference today, and has invited Israeli as well as local journalists to attend.

The Bosnian coach told reporters yesterday that his players will be concentrating on gaining control of the midfield and neutralizing Haim Revivo and Avi Nimni at all costs.

According to Smajlovic, Revivo and Nimni are the two most dangerous players in the Israeli squad, and his players will have to be extra careful of them.

The stadium in Sarajevo is likely to be full on Saturday, which means that 38,000 Bosnians will be present to cheer on their national team. Tight security measures will be in force during the Israeli delegation's time in Bosnia, in case the tense situation in the Middle East provides an incentive for anti-Israeli groups to attempt to harm the national team.