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The fact that Eyal Berkovic is moving to his sixth British team in seven and a half years is not an indication of stability - especially since it has not been a steady progression from weaker to stronger clubs. Sometimes, as in Berkovic's case, it is simply a matter of character and problematic personal relations. Still, one has to marvel at his persistence.

At each station, perhaps with the exception of his first stop at Southampton, he vowed that he would stay for the long haul because he was tired of moving his family around. But he has always ended up leaving after a year or so. Each of his new teams were impressed by his abilities, but then problems started to arise at some stage.

Once, while in the doghouse at Celtic, Berkovic claimed that he didn't mind sitting on the bench, as long as his salary continued to flow into his bank account. This time too, the negotiations with Portsmouth centered on salary issues. This doesn't mean that Berkovic is more greedy than others - he simply isn't embarrassed to admit it.