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Austria's newspapers were full of praise for their soccer team after Saturday's success against Israel at Ramat Gan.

"King Andi keeps the Austrian dream alive" was the main headline in the mass-circulation Kronen Zeitung, while Kurier said: "One shot by Herzog and anything is possible."

Austria's veteran captain, Herzog, was the undoubted hero of the night. "Austria's best player is crowned king of Tel Aviv," Kurier wrote. "It is puzzling that he does not receive more time of the field with Werder Bremen. Not every national team can boast a permanent substitute who can score a goal on cue," it continued.

Kurier's soccer correspondent said that Austria was gifted a goal in the last minute and explained that Ivica Vastic was supposed to have taken the free kick, but he left it for Herzog, as the angle suited the captain better.

Austria received praise after fighting right through to the end with a second-string side. There was also mention of the fact that the 42,000 crowd booed loudly during the Austrian national anthem and that after the equalizing goal was scored, the visiting team's commentary team was pelted with stones, bottles and oranges.

But at the same time, there was also mention of the tight, orderly security measures and that the Austrian team never faced any danger.

Kronen Zeitung praised coach Otto Baric for managing to put together a team which was equal to the task, particularly by rebuilding his defense. "This was a game between two equal teams, but Austria played with unexpected confidence and calmness," the paper wrote.

Yossi Abuksis was praised in a column in the paper, but Haim Revivo was said to have been a disappointment. Austria had expected more from him, it said. Kronen Zeitung also said that Eyal Berkovic had been a disappointment. "When Berkovic tried to control the game, Austria breathed freely. One could have expected a better performance from one of the best passers in Europe," the paper said.