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In an interview on the eve of the Final Four, Euroleague commissioner Jordi Bertomeu said there would be no review of an expansion of the number of teams in the competition at least until 2010.

Judging by Friday's semifinals he might consider cutting the number of teams from 24. If the level of basketball on Friday is all the continent's best four teams can come up with, quantity has certainly not been translated into quantity.

In view of the fact that it was without key players because of injuries, Malaga's decision to impose a "street battle" on CSKA Moscow can be understood, as can the fact that CSKA had a terrible shooting night. But the fact Final Four host Panathinaikos said from the outset that the ticket to the final would be achieve by physical defense and that Tau Vitoria's illustrious offense was nonexistent raises uncomfortable questions.

Panathinaikos came to hinder Tau's game and succeeded in doing so with the generous help of Vitoria's coach Bozidar Maljkovic.

The dinosaur of European basketball oppressed his own team's offense, and at the end all he had to say was: "I knew the day would come when we would come up against a team that wouldn't let us play our game."

Only a stellar and offensive final can wipe out the negative impression left by Friday's games, but Panathinaikos guard Sani Becirovic has made it clear that we should expect otherwise.

"The final won't make pretty viewing," he said.