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The fog began to thicken at the very moment Jewish terrorist action was disclosed. Three Palestinian civilians were slain in Tarqumiya - oh, excuse me, this was an alleged, apparently Jewish perpetrated, terrorist act in which Palestinians were, they say, killed.

Strangely enough all of the "security sources" - the selfsame sources that after each Palestinian terrorist attack are able to say immediately not only which organizational branch carried out the strike, but also where it initiated, what it fired, and whether it had personally received a "green light" from Yasser Arafat, or just a blinking yellow one - suddenly these sources became skeptical, and reflective. Suddenly, after this neo, pro-Jewish, terrorist strike, the sources and the correspondents embraced Descartes' dictum to "doubt everything" - an injunction which they never follow on any matters connected to Palestinians.

First of all, they informed us that this time there is nary "a trace of a thread" of clues. Never mind that bullet casings of shots allegedly fired at the site would indeed seem to suggest gunfire. "There is even some vague suspicion regarding the type of automobile ... "there's no information ... it could be ... it's not clear."

Only one definitive fact bobbed up in this sea of vacillation and doubt, and it was disclosed immediately and in advance: "This investigation will take a long time." Indeed, over the weekend, it appeared that the matter had faded away, like a cloud billowing out of a chimney - until the bloody, lethal retaliatory terror attacks to come this week in its aftermath, at which time things will once again be very clear, instantaneous and conclusive - just like the pretext for war.

Veiling and obfuscating facts about "extreme right-wing elements" is neither a new nor unusual practice here. For instance, the practice shrouds the alleged "letter of contrition" which Margalit-maybe-it-was-Har-Shefi reportedly wrote to the president of the state.

In any event, this proclivity for doubt not only contradicts our conclusive, forthright penchant when it comes to unraveling murders and terrorist attacks from the Palestinian side. It is also at variance with our demands that the Palestinians be as quick, definitive and knowledgeable as we are.

Just last week, Shimon Peres upgraded our old demand that the Palestinians make "a 100 percent effort to thwart terrorism" by splitting it into two - "100 percent results" in ending violence from the Fatah, the Tanzim paramilitary units, and Force 17 bodyguards directly subordinate to Arafat, and "a 100 percent effort," to curb Hamas and Islamic Jihad activities. But regarding provocations coming from our side, it is legitimate to ask how are percentages to be distributed in what we demand from ourselves? What "percentage of results" must we achieve in restraining the Israel Defense Forces, what "percentage of effort" in curbing settlers and Jewish terrorists?