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This column has more than once revealed its sensitivity to noise. According to findings published this week by the World Health Organization, the facts are clear: Noise is the number three cause of morbidity. Only air pollution and smoking are worse. Doctor, I'm ill. And a lot more people are complaining about noise than other blights.

I, too, am among the complainers - not necessarily against my good neighbors, but against our bad government, which is making me deaf. It makes so much noise, but when the commotion dies down a feeling of emptiness prevails. Once again it was a tempest in a teapot, there was no reason for it, nor were there any real results. And only the echoes of the scandal reverberate until the next one arrives.

This is not a new phenomenon; it's as old as the Revisionist stream in the gathering waters of Zionism. Even Ze'ev Jabotinsky, a gifted man who himself was quite noisy, was disturbed by his successor's screaming speeches, which he compared to "the useless screeching of a door."

And Jabotinsky, make no mistake, was actually in favor of sounds of breakdown and collapse, in favor of noise as ideology. But Menachem Begin was too grating and cacophonous for his taste.

The current government is a dry grapevine that has long since ceased to produce juice, and it's going to rule over the trees. This is a government of midgets - noise and commotion - headed by Commander Tom Thumb; a small prime minister from Jerusalem who meets with a great president from Washington. One heals 40 million Americans who have no health insurance should they fall ill, and the other harms tens of thousands of Israelis who have no missile-proof hospitals for times of trouble. One fought against Republicans and even several Democrats and was victorious. But our Bibi didn't fight with his ministers - not with Eli Yishai and not with Avigdor Lieberman. And even Yaakov Litzman was too much for him. No, Bibi can't.

There are toxins the body has difficulty removing. And anyone who imbibed the toxic glory of Yodfat, Beitar and Masada with his mother's milk - die or conquer the mountain - will not soon get rid of his suicidal urges.

The terrible words that Jabo wrote about the race that will arise in blood and sweat are what Benjamin Netanyahu and Benny Begin were brought up on. They're sons in the shadow of their Good Soldier Schweik-like fathers - brave and clownish soldiers in the same pressed uniforms. According to these early teachings, there must not be a moment of quiet, "Because the spirit to overcome all obstacles and hindrances/ Whether you succeed or falter/ In the flame of revolt/ Carry the flame to kindle/ For silence is mire/ Sacrifice blood and soul/ For the sake of the hidden glory."

"Carry the flame to kindle" - and they do so successfully. Blessed are the matches that ignite any incidental puddle and turn it into a sea of flames.

The Environmental Protection Ministry published new noise-prevention rules this month. If the Beitar minister knew all the words of the Beitar hymn by heart, he would issue contrary regulations - to prevent quiet and by doing so reduce the mire. Not one quiet moment, please.