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Parental intervention can be a blessing, but sometimes it's a curse. The shocked mother from Kfar Sava is not alone. If you would like to know why education is dry as dust, and why Israeli teachers are blowing in the wind, look for the adults behind the youth.

Some day the education minister's dream will come true: Students will stand up for their teachers in a show of respect. But when will the teacher stand up? He is not allowed to do so.

If he even dares to open his mouth, to say a few words about the importance of personal example, some father will immediately get angry and take his complaint all the way to the minister's office: This leftist teacher is introducing politics into the classroom, he has something personal against the government.

And if he says a word condemning social gaps and favoring equal opportunity, a mother will immediately call the mayor and the district supervisor: This teacher is a communist.

And if he comments on government corruption and how in the past rotten countries have fallen, a scandal will erupt: That's it, there's a limit to subversion. We won't allow anarchists to destroy tender souls.

And if the occupation and its dangers comes up for discussion, it's better not even to think about the far-reaching consequences: a severe reprimand, and this is definitely the final warning.

And the worst and most frightening thing is sex: God forbid that our sons and daughters should be exposed to lewdness, to the game of flirtation. After all, they're still naive, they're still virgins who refrain from sexual amusements. Had they not learned that disgusting poem, they would not have known the meaning of "pussy" or the proper interpretation of "prick." And as for "homo" - what's that? It's true that they're already big kids; soon they'll be soldiers. But every year they wait for the bird migration season, for the storks that bring the infants.

A teacher who watches out for himself will keep his distance. Why should he get into trouble? So he learns to keep quiet, and only teaches the "material" as dictated by the curriculum. That's how they teach "values" here.

Parental intervention is not always out of place. I'm still waiting for a phone call from a father or mother who feels a need to ask for professional help: The child doesn't sleep well at night, he cries out in his sleep and has started wetting his bed, all because of a story about one father who got up in the morning, grabbed his son, traveled with him to Jerusalem and threatened to slaughter him with a knife. And this crazy father serves to this day as an example of devotion: The deeds of the fathers are a sign to their sons, who will also become fathers. And the child is afraid that his father, too, will attack him suddenly.

And another phone that doesn't ring in official agencies: about that bimbo who bathes on the roof completely naked when her husband isn't home. The neighbors see everything and call out to her, and one neighbor even got her pregnant. That same horny neighbor is a very important person who decides on matters of war and peace, and he gives an order to kill the husband, who is a soldier, to get rid of him. And this very important person is also presented as an exemplar: We are all descendants of his house, and we will grow forth from his roots.

But only the teacher Edna sinned. Only she is giving our gifted and well-brought-up children a bad education and teaching them cheap literature.

When it comes to educating the next generation, parents are as much trouble as psoriasis.