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There can no longer be any doubt about it: The Foreign Ministry is the best policed organization in Israel. No sooner does the minister announce the end of the time of obsequiousness than his dictates are followed and everything goes according to his resolute word.

As the student sometimes outshines his teacher, thus does the deputy outshine the minister. He carefully orchestrates a public humiliation ceremony. The ambassador waits in the hallway, facing the cameras, which were invited especially to shame him. After a delay, he is called with all due respect into the room, to be seated on a low chair facing his hosts, who are seated on higher chairs.

There is no choice but to teach those Turks a lesson; it's like justice itself - it must be seen, not just done. The deputy minister does not count on the reporters' intelligence. He makes sure to explain what is really going on. There is no Turkish flag, no handshake, no polite smiles; we are serious, as you can see. Thus will be done to the representative of the country that slanders us.

This may not be the end of it; it might be just the beginning: At the next meeting he will stand, that Turk; not even a bench will be offered. And if he doesn't behave himself, we'll make him do 50 push-ups.

Israel's ambassadors do not have it easy. They, too, are frequently summoned for "clarifications" that smack of reprimands. But no one has found it proper to shame them in public. These things simply are not done. But we have decided to do it, because only we need every now and then to produce a proper Zionist response. And perhaps our ambassadors deserve to be harassed a little because none of them has ever stood up and said to the minister and his deputy: That's it, from here on in you will get along without me.

Isn't Avigdor Lieberman bringing back the glory of old? Is he not redeeming Zionist dignity at its best? After all, the founding fathers wanted to take the Diaspora out of the national bloodstream, to no longer be the sorry Jew who dances like a miserable bear for the nobleman. Now in the time of our freedom we are the noblemen, and the gentiles will dance for us.

If that's the case, why are we ashamed at the sight of this proud Jew, who is like the proverbial servant who reigns? We can't understand why such a patriotic act looks to us like something a punk would do.

I checked into the matter yesterday and discovered that the lights were on all night in the foreign ministries of every Western country, asking each other's advice. They saw what had gone on in Jerusalem, how an ambassador was brought to his knees; they saw and were afraid. Who among them is willing to be next to be condemned to public scorn in front of the whole world. From now on they will carefully weigh every word that comes out of their mouths. Israel has restored its diplomatic deterrence this week. So why does it seem to me that I see winks and hear whispering behind our backs asking whether the Israelis have gone completely crazy?

The Israel of David Ben-Gurion intended to restore the Jewish people to history and to the family of nations. But Israel insists on being that family's disturbed stepbrother. Lieberman and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu are bringing us back to the sealed ghetto, surrounding us with a fence and a wall. This is not testimony to self-confidence. On the contrary: It shows a Diaspora-like weakness, as if we were still the slaves of Pharaoh. We got through Pharaoh, but it's not at all certain we will get through this government, which seats such a low person on such a high seat. How ludicrous, how frightening.