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"Nigger," they call him, the Afro-American president. If they were not Jews by birth, all thanks to their mothers, they would probably be the worst of anti-Semites, too. But not to worry: They call one of the army's regional commanders "Jew-boy."

"All of us are Jews" - but for a long time now, it has been impossible to know who "all of us" are. There must be some mistake here: If all those who throw stones and call others Nazis, who burn and cut down, who spit and shoot - if all of these are Jews, then what am I? And if I am a Jew, then these people have never tasted Judaism in their lives. It is not possible that all of us sprang from the same seed. There are not differences of opinion here, there are different planets.

In my naivete, I thought the Land of Israel had to be acquired through suffering and prohibitions: What history made us hate, we would not do unto others. But here, everything is permitted to the chosen people, to the superior race. "Nigger," they call him - and we still complain about the rabble of Beitar Jerusalem, both the players and their fans, that they are mere semblances of men compared to "the salt of the earth." But this salt has been sprinkled on open Jewish wounds. The settlers' "orange brotherhood" has stained others, and how can birthmarks be erased? Anyone who is not color-blind can still tell the difference between brown-and-orange and blue-and-white.

Whither they go, we shall not agree to go, and whither they lodge, we shall not want to lodge; their people are not our people and their God is not our God. Not merely death shall part us from them, but also life.

A blood relationship is not enough. Much more is needed for brothers to live together in harmony. They need a shared vision and a shared dream, shared concepts and shared values, and a future that has something in common. If the collective experience sucks all vitality from the plasma, clean blood will soon turn to murky water.

Even the bridge of language has been burned. On the face of it, we have one language, but the words are not the same: They are the same Hebrew words, but their meaning is completely different. Do not say this is "a dialogue of the deaf"; we perked up our ears to hear and we understood every word. For 42 years, we listened carefully to the Cossacks and those they robbed. And woe unto the ears that heard and understood this: "Nigger," they call him.

"What will happen when they come to evict you?" a woman settler with covered head and veiled eyes was asked. "There will be war," she replied without batting an eyelid. Perhaps she is right, perhaps there is no choice any more. In many nations, the war of independence also entailed a civil war. Here it was delayed, but now it has come. The Sicarii, who already destroyed a temple, are now getting ready to bring about a new destruction.

But there is another possibility - not war, rather withdrawal. And each man of Israel shall go into his own tent. The "Jewish and democratic" state could simply leave the territories and the settlers could even set up their own High Court of Justice. Will Daniella Weiss replace Dorit Beinisch? Why not, actually? If Uri Ariel can appoint judges, why should crazy Daniella not be appointed?

The Israel Defense Forces would leave and an international force would take its place and impose law and order, as it did in Bosnia, or in Kosovo. And Israel would arise and tell its "orange" camp, those who stain it: "You remain here and we shall go to hell."