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People will always look out for number one, and this weekend our "number one" went so far as to become his own source. So we had the media citing "sources close to him" saying (in his name), "they've decided to finish me off," meaning the police, state prosecutor and attorney general.

For a moment it seemed that the unidentified speaker was alleged crime boss Asi Abutbul or Zeev Rosenstein, also persecuted innocents. But we did not suspect the prime minister.

But it was he and no other, shamefully clutching the two founding pillars - investigation and prosecution - that hold up the house, saying let me die with the Philistines, as the house topples on the entire nation.

His associate, the justice minister, whose eyes have also been gouged out, is storming the third pillar - the justice system - to ensure complete devastation, and to hell with the country. Even Silvio, the tarnished Italian, hasn't demonstrated such determination in his war against the judges.

Until now Ehud Olmert has been known as a man who functions well under pressure, separating state affairs from his personal issues. His closet fills up with skeletons, but he remains unfazed. But now it is obvious that his famous composure is thawing like an iceberg at the North Pole, and it is no longer clear who wants to finish off whom - they him or he us.

Only a fool would believe that the prime minister has difficulty making time for the police to question him. He has no time, and certinly no mind, for anything but the inquiries, even if he brandishes a timetable loaded with consultations. It is not hard to guess what he is really thinking about when the gavel strikes and the meeting begins.

What we have here is without parallel in the history of democratic administrations. A man, the prime minister no less, holds an entire state hostage. Israel has been a hijacked like a plane in the night, and Olmert has no intention of returning it unless his demands are met - the main one being that he remain prime minister.

The public is fed up with him and wants to be freed from his clutches. Only 6 percent have confidence in him, a public opinion poll said on Friday. His party wants to be released from him because with him it is doomed. Labor wants out, not because of a sudden morality attack but because of the embarrassment. It's shameful to work together when your boss is corrupt and losing authority. Doesn't his family, which has also been kidnapped, want to be released - to bring father home and to restore its privacy? Only one man is refusing to go, regardless of what will happen after he goes and what will remain.

Let's offer him a deal - let him go to the Beijing Olympic Games next week, using the frequent-flyer miles he has accumulated. After all, he loves flying and rubbing shoulders with VIPs, and he has a passion for sports. In exchange, he will agree to emulate the Olympic motto, and go faster and further.