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Naftali Bennett
A referendum isn't needed

The motivation behind the current initiative, which Bennett is promoting, is to constrain the cabinet and Knesset in reaching an agreement with the Palestinians.

Haaretz Editorial 5 comments
Netanyahu's 'view from here'

In private the prime minister speaks of Europeans who have lost their common sense, have forgotten the Six Million, who dare to speak about morality after what was done to the Jewish people on their soil, and who would have us evacuate Mount Scopus, which is 300 meters from the Green Line.

By Nehemia Shtrasler 1 comments
Don't save Netanyahu, topple him

It seems the non-right in Israel has done something unprecedented in human history: It created the bizarre idea that its job is to rescue its rivals.

By Sefi Rachlevsky 2 comments
Asking the wrong people

If the law Netanyahu is backing requires approval from a referendum for any agreement with the Palestinians, then the requirement for a referendum will be broadened, requiring it also for territories in the West Bank where Israeli law has never been applied.

By Aeyal Gross 5 comments
A racist can't be chief rabbi? In Israel?

The attorney general found a flaw in Eliyahu - the rabbi denounced the sale or rental of housing to Arabs. A pretty hollow claim, coming from the attorney general of a country that establishes hundreds of communities, neighborhoods and towns that are off-limits to Arabs.

By B. Michael 4 comments