Kfar Yassif accident
The site of last week's crash in the village of Kfar Yassif Photo by Archive
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A 19-year-old Yarka resident, who is suspected of killing three pedestrians after midnight on Wednesday on Highway 70 in the northern village of Kfar Yassif, denies that he was driving the car at the time and refuses to cooperate with police investigators. On Friday, the Acre Magistrate's Court extended the detention of the suspect, Amir Atallah, who was lightly injured in the accident, for 10 days as the investigation of the case continues. The police accuse the suspect of manslaughter, in addition to traffic offenses including driving without a license.

Killed in the incident were 46-year-old pediatrician Nazar Tuma, who worked at the French Hospital in Nazareth, his 46-year-old wife Josephine, and 39-year old judge Nasrin Karyanni of the Nazareth family court, who is related to the Tumas. Witnesses said the three were crossing the highway when the driver of the car crossed the center line, lost control and struck the three, after which the car hit a pole and overturned. The four occupants of the car were all from Yarka.

In another traffic incident Wednesday morning in Tel Aviv, attorney Avigdor Feldman acknowledged leaving the scene after striking three safety posts at the edge of a sidewalk with a car he was driving.

Police inspectors were called to the scene on Hahashmona'im Street and found a car there that Feldman admits he was driving when he hit the posts. Feldman's wife subsequently arrived and provided police with information, but police went to Feldman's home, which is nearby, and asked him to come to the police station for questioning.

Feldman gave his version of events to police on Friday, and separately told Haaretz that he had been on medication for a severe lung infection and felt weak at the time of the accident. He admitted hitting the posts and added that no injury was caused to private property and neither he nor his wife, who he said was in the car with him, was hurt. He said he left the scene because he was not feeling well, but had called the Tel Aviv-Jaffa municipality to report the accident and took responsibility for the damage. Police nonetheless expressed surprise that Feldman would leave the scene.