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If the calls to disobey orders and to avoid service in the reserves continue, the deputy chairman of the Yesha Council of Settlements, Eliezer Hisdai, will ask the chief of staff to draft him into the reserves as a volunteer to participate in the evacuation of settlers from the West Bank and Gaza. Calling such calls "scandalous," Hisdai told Haaretz yesterday that a responsible leadership such as that of the Yesha Council cannot make do with an objection in principle to a refusal to serve, but rather it must act to stop such refusal.

Hisdai, a lieutenant colonel in the reserves, a Likud activist and chairman of the Alfei Menashe regional council, has also warned his colleagues in the leadership of the West Bank and Gaza not to bring tens of thousands of anti-disengagement activists to Gaza if they are not certain they can control them. "I don't believe it will be possible to stop the plan," Hisdai said. "We seem to have reached the point of no return. Our responsibility as leaders is to moderate the extremists as much as possible. To say we are bringing 100,000 people and we will block disengagement with our bodies, seems to me pretentious and dangerous, because there's no way in the world to control 100,000 people. As leaders, we must act to prevent bloodshed."

At a meeting of the Yesha Council, Thursday, Hisdai called on his colleagues to open a dialog with Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to avoid further evacuations, saying that those who do not do so "are burying their heads in the sand.

"Some agreed with me and some didn't," he said. It's relatively easy for me to make these statements, because I do not have rabbinic authority over me. I am a believing person, but secular, and I have almost no religious population," he said.

Hisdai called on regional council heads Benzi Lieberman in the West Bank and Avner Shimoni of Gush Katif, to fight for compensation, "day and night to ensure that people will leave the places they have lived for 30 years with a future and hope."