Galilee factory crime - Abdullah Shama
Police inspecting the scene where the body of Svetlana Nosinsky was found on April 20, 2011. Photo by Abdullah Shama
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A 45-year-old woman from Upper Nazareth was stabbed to death yesterday outside the Lower Galilee factory where she worked. She was reportedly found with the knife that killed her sticking out of her chest.

The prime suspect in the murder, a 40-year-old coworker at the Linero Light factory, was arrested several hours after the woman's death. He had initially fled the Tziporit industrial zone, where the factory, which manufactures illuminated signs, is located.

Police suspect the woman, who has been identified as Svetlana Nosinsky, was killed because of a personal dispute with the suspect. Nosinsky, who is survived by her husband and daughter, appears to have gotten into a disagreement with the prime suspect when she arrived at work in the morning as he was leaving after working the night shift.

Nosinsky appears to have been killed when she went for a break just outside the factory, where the killer found her and stabbed her until she collapsed on the ground.

There are no known witnesses to the attack, but factory workers said they saw the suspect jumping over the fence that surrounds the building and running away. Shortly after, Nosinsky was found bleeding to death.

An ambulance was called at 1:20 P.M. and medics were told a woman was bleeding in the industrial zone. She was unconscious and had stopped breathing, and had sustained stab wounds to her neck and chest.

The crew brought Nosinsky to Poriya Hospital in Tiberias, where doctors failed to resuscitate her and declared her dead.

"We reached the factory and found the woman with signs of violence, while she was unconscious and with a knife sticking out of her chest," said Simon Sheetrit, one of the paramedics who treated Nosinsky. "We attempted to resuscitate her the entire way to Poriya Hospital, but ultimately she was pronounced dead."

Police collected witness testimony and evidence from the scene yesterday. They also took video footage from security cameras in the area.