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Summery weather has returned after a few weeks of rain and cold, with a spate of especially hot days in store beginning tomorrow. In some areas, the mercury will rise as high as 28 degrees, and in Tel Aviv, it will hit 29 on Monday.

After a cooler spell on Friday, heat coming up from the south will take over most of the country, though low humidity will make it bearable.

Saturday temperatures are expected to hit 23 to 24 degrees in Jerusalem and 26 to 28 in Tel Aviv.

Tiberias will see temperatures of 25 to 27 degrees over the next two days.

The Water Authority is very concerned about weather developments in the second half of February, which usually makes a key contribution to the winter's precipitation.

Given that the heat wave is expected to persist into the middle of the month, it is already clear that the first half of February is going to be very disappointing in terms of rainfall, and that could mean that this winter will end up much drier than the Water Authority had hoped.

Though the north and some of the hilly areas in the center have seen quite a bit of rain, in most places, this year's rainfall is still below the multiyear average.

Environmentalists, however, plan to take advantage of the warm weekend. For the fourth Saturday in the past few weeks, the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel will hold special activities to raise awareness of areas that are in danger of destruction due to building plans. This time, SPNI will host tours of the Halilim Stream, near the western Jerusalem suburb of Mevasseret Zion, where a number of construction projects are planned.