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Boaz Gaon Photo by David Bachar
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Former President Moshe Katzav was recently sentenced to jail time, and former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is still on trial. Meanwhile, Channel 10 is planning a new political comedy set in prison.

The series, "Prisoner Milo," is about a prime minister, Yossi Milo, who is sentenced to jail time for stealing millions of shekels from his party. In the fictional Anavim prison, he meets former colleagues, including a finance minister and an interior minister, as well as a vote contractor who demands compensation because the prime minister rose to power and forgot him.

In power, incarcerated

In prison, they plan a new party and a political comeback after their release.

The script is now being developed, and the series apparently will not be broadcast before the summer of 2012.

Milo, who is trying to make his way to the top of the prison, just as he clawed his way up the leadership of the party and the country, will be played by actor and singer Yehoram Gaon.

Gaon, who recently made headlines for criticizing Mizrahi music, is the uncle of the show's creator, the playwright and journalist Boaz Gaon. The elder Gaon recently appeared in "Dead Flesh," a television mini-series based on a Yoram Kaniuk novella. Gaon also appeared in "Krovim, Krovim" (Near Ones, Dear Ones ) and hosted the children's program "Gaon Shel Abba" on Educational TV.

Boaz Gaon heads the drama department at Slutsky Communication Channels, the producer of the series. He wrote it with the cooperation of the Israel Prison Service, which will also be involved in the filming.

"We hope that the series will be produced and are investing a lot in developing the script," said Karni Ziv, the vice president for content at Channel 10. "Unfortunately, it is not so far-fetched, despite the fact that it is more outlandish and less conceivable than reality."

The production company declined to comment.