galant - Itzik Ben Malki - January 26 2011
Friends and neighbors of IDF chief-designate Galant hoisting a sign expressing their support of him on Moshav Amikam yesterday. Photo by Itzik Ben Malki
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The conclusions of the State Comptroller's investigation into the land affair involving the IDF chief-designate will be delivered to Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein today or tomorrow.

Sources at the State Comptroller's office told Haaretz that the report concerning Maj. Gen. Yoav Galant's home on Moshav Amikam has still not be delivered to Weinstein, but the staff members involved in the probe are working hard to complete their findings so that the material can be delivered shortly.

According to sources close to Galant, they got the impression that during the hearing held by State Comptroller Micha Lindenstrauss on Sunday, Galant managed to dispel the claim that he had lied to state authorities. But various legal sources have said in the past several days that substantial gaps remain in Galant's version of events, and added that Lindenstrauss is likely to condemn the general's conduct in the affair.

Unless the State Comptroller has something definitive to say in terms of Galant's eligibility to serve as IDF Chief of Staff following the affair, the matter will be left to Weinstein to decide. At this time, there are doubts as to whether Lindenstrauss will take such a critical stance.

The attorney general will have to decide whether to approve Galant's appointment, or to delay it until a more extensive discussion is held - possibly via another meeting of the committee that approves such senior appointments. Weinstein also has the option of canceling the appointment altogether.