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The State Comptroller's Office has enough evidence to wrap up its report on the so-called Harpaz affair, an official in the office said yesterday.

The comptroller is investigating a document that Lt. Col. (res.) Boaz Harpaz later admitted to forging in an apparent effort to steer last year's selection of a new Israel Defense Forces chief of staff away from Yoav Galant, then GOC Southern Command.

The comment by Boaz Aner, deputy director general of the comptroller's office, follows yesterday's Haaretz report on something Galant told the comptroller: that during the period when he was the leading candidate for chief of staff, Defense Minister Ehud Barak never asked his views on whether Israel should attack Iran's nuclear program. Sources who spoke to Galant recently got the impression that he is not a hawk on attacking Iran.

Aner told Army Radio yesterday that the State Comptroller's Office has amassed sufficient evidence and would issue a draft report on the Harpaz case "reasonably" soon. In a related development, Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein said on Tuesday that he would lift an order barring Harpaz from leaving the country.

Galant's candidacy was ultimately scuttled by allegations that he improperly used public land near his home, and the job went to Benny Gantz.