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Oded Tyrah announced yesterday during his official farewell gathering that he supported stronger enforcement of the existing minimum wage law. His position came as a surprise, as he has voiced criticism of the recent Histadrut labor federation campaign to raise the legal minimum wage from NIS 3,300 to NIS 4,500, which he charged would be a destructive step that would bring companies to their knees and drive tens of thousands of citizens into unemployment.

According to Tyrah, some 40 percent of employers do not obey minimum wage laws. Calling for a governmental force similar to the immigration police, Tyrah expressed hope that such enforcement would "decrease the frightening scope of the exploitation of workers."

According to Hanna Zohar, director of Kav La'Oved (Worker's Hotline for the Protection of Worker's Rights), employers use a number of techniques to circumvent the law, including forcing workers to work significantly above the average number of weekly hours and levying fines on employees who inadvertently accept counterfeit bills.