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The format of the show "TLV Doing Tel Aviv" has been sold to production companies in Germany, Spain, Portugal, Holland, Poland and France, the production company that developed the original format, Abbott Reif Hameiri, reported this week.

"TLV" is a partially scripted docudrama series that follows the adventures in the big city of a group of four young people who share an apartment. Each of the four gets an opportunity to become part of the entertainment and communications industry.

The format was developed by the company together with Yaeli Avneri and Shahar Berlovich, and in conjunction with HOT TV, which aired the show.

After the big success of last summer, "TLV" will be back with a second season in around two weeks.

Avi Armoza, of Armoza Formats, was involved in the sale of the format and presented it to potential buyers at the most recent MIP festival. Guy Hameiri, an owner of Abbott Reif Hameiri, said: "It is exciting news that an original format will also broadcast in several other countries. This success encourages us to continue developing new projects."