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Three soldiers were arrested on Tuesday on suspicion of carrying out ideologically motivated hate crimes. In a related case, the Petah Tikva Magistrate's Court turned down the state's request to detain until the end of proceedings five teenage girls who were arrested on Sunday on suspicion of vandalizing army property. They were allowed to go home.

One of the soldiers, identified only by his first initial, P., was recently questioned by the Military Police over the alleged forging of an army document. P. allegedly was involved in an incident on a West Bank army base in September in which Israel Defense Forces vehicles were vandalized. P. served on the base until two months before the incident.

Arrested with him was a soldier from the West Bank settlement of Elon Moreh who served in the Kfir Brigade and is currently studying in a yeshiva as part of his military service. Also arrested was a soldier from the outpost of Adei Ad who serves in the Central Command. The reasons for their arrests were not made public.

Last month a soldier who serves in the West Bank and is known to the police was arrested in connection to the vehicle vandalization. He was released two days later without being charged.

Five of the six minor females who are suspected of involvement in the damaging last summer of Palestinian-owned olive trees near the village of Qusra were released on Tuesday. This came after the magistrate's and district courts turned down the state's request to hold them until the end of proceedings.

The other two suspects who were arrested, one a minor female identified by her first initial, H., the other Yaska Weiss, 19, of Kiryat Arba, are suspected of involvement in the vandalization of vehicles on the army base. The police asked to extend their detention by 10 days, but the court ordered them held until tomorrow only. The evidence against them has not been made public.

In another case, the Jerusalem District Court sentenced Kiryat Arba's David Mizrahi to three months of community service for running over and injuring in November 2009 a Palestinian who had stabbed his wife, causing minor injuries.

After stabbing Tamar Mizrahi and a man at a gas-station near Kiryat Arba, soldiers shot the attacker in the leg.

David Mizrahi heard about the incident, drove to the scene and ran over the perpetrator. Mizrahi was convicted of aggravated assault in a plea bargain.