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"The government approves the four-stage disengagement plan, its main principles as they appear in Appendix A, and the necessary groundwork for the plan as it appears on Appendix C - but this decision does not represent approval to evacuate settlements." This is the compromise format suggested by Immigrant Absorption Minister Tzipi Livni to get Prime Minister Ariel Sharon Gaza pullback plan through the cabinet.

The new format also states: "The government will reconvene once the groundwork is completed and will hold a separate discussion to decide whether or not to evacuate settlements, which settlements and at what rate, taking into account the circumstances at that time."

These statements will appear in the draft decision that the prime minister is set to hand in to the cabinet for approval on Sunday. They will constitute an introduction of sorts, whose headline will be "Making a decision," to the three disengagement plan papers (named Appendixes A, B and C) that were presented to the cabinet on Sunday this week.

In the appendixes themselves, several changes will be made: In Appendix A, which details the main principles of the plan, the sentence "in accordance with the introduction `Making a decision'" will be added in every place that mentions the term "evacuating settlements." (The introduction represents a reservation as to the possibility of evacuation.)

Appendix B, which includes the letters exchanged between Sharon and Bush, will remain untouched.

In Appendix C, which details the groundwork preceding the disengagement plan, there will be an addition to clause 13, which instructs freezing development and construction in Jewish settlements slated for evacuation. The amendment will state that a ministerial committee will be set up to oversee the freezing directive.