Kaye Wilson
Kaye Wilson, who survived the attack that left her friend, Kristine Luken, dead, at a friend’s home in Modi’in, Jan. 25, 2011. Photo by Gil Cohen Magan
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Kaye Wilson describes the most frightening moment of her life - when she and her friend Kristine Luken were stabbed by two men while hiking in the woods near Jerusalem on December 18. Luken was killed in the attack.

"I remember it all very clearly - the smells, the flowers, the weather, and how the attackers looked, what they said and the last expression on Kristine's face," Wilson says in an interview with Haaretz.

"I made a decision not to blur the memory, just as I told Kristine there, before she was killed. 'Remember how they look so we can describe them to the police.'"

Kaye Susan Wilson was stabbed 12 times, four of her ribs were broken, plus two other bones in her chest, and she underwent surgery to repair damage to her diaphragm.

She walks slowly now, with visible pain. Her dog, who was also stabbed in the attack, never leaves her side.

Wilson says she offered the attackers her passport, money and other items. She told them she was a tour guide, and that a bus would arrive immediately, but they wouldn't let her and Luken go.

"I didn't think it would be murder although they had a big knife. At first, I was afraid they would rape me but they didn't touch us sexually. Then, I was sure we'd be kidnapped," she says.

Not able to cry

Wilson says she has not been able to let herself miss Luken.

"Until now, I wasn't physically able to cry, because of the pain from the stab wounds, and I'm still traumatized. One of my goals is to allow myself to grieve, but I can't just yet. It hasn't sunk in. It was unimaginable barbarism. It wasn't just a bullet to the head. They terrorized us. It's still very hard for me because the case is still open. When the investigation was made public, I anticipated a certain emotional relief and tranquillity when the bastards would be caught," she says.

"They intended to kill me, too," she says, but they didn't know anatomy. Anyone with a brain would have known where to stab," she says. She smiles and then turns serious again. "They were so brutal, it was like being in the presence of Satan for 30 minutes, and as a result I saw God's mercy. For the first 10 minutes, my head was like jelly. I couldn't respond or think and then I went into a state of no feelings - and I could make a plan."

Wilson says: "I'm no hero. I disassociated because Kristine was weaker than me, because she didn't know Hebrew, and it gave me the push to act."