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Cold, stormy weather is expected to dampen the Purim spirit Friday, when children traditionally wear their costumes to school and kindergarten and toddlers in fancy dress parade through the streets with their parents.

In the past five years the rain failed to spoil the holiday, but this year cold, wet weather is expected throughout the weekend. Starting Thursday, in most parts of the country, the rain will strengthen and spread to the Negev as the day proceeds.

While expected to weaken on Saturday, the rain is likely to regain strength on Saturday night and continue on Sunday.

Meteotec meteorologists predict considerable amounts of rain in the north and along the coastal plane over the weekend, ranging from dozens to 100 milimeters. Snow is expected to fall on Mount Hermon and floods are possible in the south, especially from Thursday night through Friday. Urban areas are also in danger of flooding by large amounts of accumulated rain water, especially along the coast and central Sharon region.