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State Prosecutor Moshe Lador wants to void a plea bargain in a murder case that has already been confirmed by both the defendant and prosecution, Tel Aviv District Prosecutor Ariela Segal-Antler told the Tel Aviv District Court yesterday. Segal-Antler did not give a detailed explanation for the unusual move.

The plea bargain was reached in the trial of Yehiye Turk, who is accused of conspiring to murder Asher Iluz in 1999 and of the murder of the man's 3-year-old son. It was originally confirmed by former Tel Aviv District Prosecutor Ruth Bloom-David, and was signed by the then-acting district prosecutor, Nava Schiller.

Segal-Antler said only that "following discussions with all senior officials involved in the development of the plea bargain, and after taking into account all relevant considerations, the public interest being first and foremost, the state prosecutor has decided... not to present it before the honorable court, but to resume the process according to the original indictment."

Segal-Antler did not explain the public interest factor in the decision. Haaretz had earlier reported that the police sought to cancel the plea bargain after Turk allegedly threatened the chief investigator in the case, a claim Turk's attorney, Avi Cohen denies, and that the father of the boy who was killed has threatened to appeal to the High Court of Justice against the deal.

Cohen said that the recently appointed Segal-Antler did not give a real explanation for the move, and that it could have implications for any defendant in trusting the process of a plea bargain.