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The head of the Prime Minister's Office in the north of the country said yesterday he intends to push forward plans for improving safety on a particularly dangerous stretch of Route 65, on which 29 people have been killed in traffic accidents in the last four years.

"I intend to deal with advancing programs for widening Route 65 in an urgent manner," David Binyamini, the head of the Prime Minister's Office in the north of the country said.

Binyamini met earlier with Motti Dothan, the head of Lower Galilee Regional Council, following a Haaretz article on serious flaws in the maintenance of the road. On the 33-kilometer stretch between the Nin and Nahal Tzalmon junctions, 24 of the 29 people killed in the past four years have died in head-on collisions.

"Plans for a large portion of the road, from Kfar Tavor north, are still stuck in the committee for national infrastructure. It's absurd - this is a committee intended to shorten bureaucratic planning procedures," Dothan said.

Traffic experts and crash investigators believe the addition of an additional traffic lane in each direction, and the erection of a traffic barrier between the north and southbound lanes would prevent most of the fatal accidents.

Dothan expressed measured optimism. "I got the impression that David Binyamini has a tremendous will and understanding of the problems of the north, but unfortunately he is not receiving enough assistance, and he is not being given the necessary tools to invest in infrastructure," he said.

"I'm not blaming this government. This neglect has gone on for many years."