Eyal Golan (Moti Kimche)
Eyal Golan Photo by Moti Kimche
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Popular singer Eyal Golan was questioned for several hours yesterday by Tax Authority investigators on suspicions of tax evasion. The investigators arrived at his house in the afternoon with a search warrant, where they took possession of documents and computers.

After his home was searched, Golan was asked to accompany the officials to the Tax Authority's value-added tax offices in Jerusalem for questioning. He was interrogated there for hours regarding his business activities and his income.

Golan is thought to be one of the highest paid artists in the Israeli music industry.

Tax officials are looking into whether he failed to pay tax on revenue he earned in recent years for performing at private events, such as weddings and other family functions. Golan's fee for a 50-minute performance at a private function is thought to be about NIS 48,000.

His income from public performances is not being investigated as it follows the signing of formal business contracts with commercial firms.

Golan is also the owner of Liam Productions, which formally represents him. The company issued a statement saying it had initiated the tax investigation with value-added tax authorities and has been cooperating with investigators for six months. "We hope the procedure is concluded soon," the statement said.

The Tax Authority, however, denied the firm's account and said the investigation against Golan was conducted for some time under cover. Tax investigators recently questioned individuals at whose private functions the singer had appeared.

It has been suggested that when Golan and his associates learned of the investigation, they decided to contact the Tax Authority and demonstrate a willingness to cooperate.