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“Edut” ‏(Testimony‏), a new film by Shlomi Elkabetz, will open the Cinema South Festival on May 29. Elkabetz’s film is a series of monologues and reenactments by 24 actors in an effort to describe the relations between Israelis and Palestinians.

The festival, which will be marking its 10th anniversary this year, will close on June 2 with “He’arat Shulayim” ‏(Footnote‏) directed by Joseph Cedar, which is an official entry this month in the Cannes Film Festival.

Cedar’s film focuses on two Talmud scholars, a father, played by Shlomo Bar-Abba and his son, played by Lior Ashkenazi, who are in competition for professional recognition.

Five documentaries will be shown at the Cinema South Festival, which takes place in Sderot. “Matador Hamilhama” ‏(War Matador‏) by Avner Feingelrant and Maccabit Abramzon; “Gypsy Davy” by Rachel Leah Jones; “Hatrilogia Hauzbekit” ‏(The Uzbek Trilogy‏), by Avishai Sivan; “Motarot” ‏(Luxuries‏) by David Ofek; and “Safa Ahat U’Dvarim Ahadim” ‏(One Language and a Few Things‏) by Nurit Aviv.

The festival will devote a special session to Aviv’s work, featuring a selection of her films. With the exception of the film by Feingelrant, who directs the festival, all of the documentary filmmakers will be awarded NIS 10,000 grants.

Young directors

The festival also plans to highlight a number of young directors and will screen feature films from directors Yuval Mendelson, Nadav Hollander, Roi Werner, Ronni Kedar and Edan Zeira.

The Israel Film Fund will be providing NIS 12,000 for the distribution of each of the films. As in prior years, a film competition among graduates of the film department at Sapir College will also be held.

Among the foreign films on the festival schedule are two works by Bruno Dumont, his 1999 film “Humanity,” and “Flanders” from 2006, both of which won the grand prize at the Cannes Film Festival.

Independent Canadian films are also on the Cinema South Festival schedule, including films by director Denis Cote, who will be a guest of the festival.