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Construction activity in settlements increased fourfold since the construction freeze ended five months ago, according to data compiled by the Central Bureau of Statistics.

While the moratorium was still in effect, settlers began building 114 new housing units and completed 1,175 housing units whose construction had begun prior to the freeze, according to the bureau.

During the last three months of 2010, immediately after the freeze came to an end, construction started on 427 new housing units - as compared to 114 units during the nine prior months of 2010.

A spokesman for the bureau told Haaretz that its information on construction in West Bank settlements is only partial, for several reasons.

First of all, the government agency does not conduct its own surveys, but relies on information on construction permits supplied by local authorities.

As the local authorities in settlements do not provide every piece of information, the bureau is forced to make do with only partial data.

Since the end of the moratorium, illegal construction also began on at least several hundred housing units in West Bank settlements, which are not accounted for by the bureau's data.

The same applies to illegal outposts, including various mobile homes, which are not reported to the Central Bureau of Statistics or registered in the reports filed by the Interior Ministry.