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Employees at Israeli airports lack confidence in the technological security means at their disposal, according to new research. The research, the first of its kind, was carried out with funding from the European Union under a project called Behaviour in Airports Modelling for Security (BEMOSA ), which is headed by Professor Avi Kirschenbaum of the Haifa Technion.

"Airport employees are not operating in line with the regulations in emergency situations and do not report any suspect activity," according to the report. The team of experts concluded that "there is a fundamental need to improve security-related decision making in emergencies."

The research showed that only 53.1 percent of airport employees, and 63 percent of the security personnel among them, expressed confidence in the technological means with which they carry out security checks on a daily basis. Only 23.6 percent of the airport employees, and 58 percent of the security personnel among them, said that when they noticed suspicious activity they reported it.

"There is apparently a gap between the regulations and the behavior in practice when an emergency is identified, and especially when they respond to emergencies," says Professor Kirschenbaum, an expert in disaster management.