rocky horror - Daniel Tchetchik - December 9 2010
Fans of the cult movie performing during a screening at the Kochav Cinema in Ramat Hasharon. Photo by Daniel Tchetchik
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A project designed to encourage promising young scriptwriters from Israel and abroad will soon be inaugurated by the Sam Spiegel Film and Television School in Jerusalem.

The film "incubator" will involve the participation every year of twelve young scriptwriters, eight from abroad and four from Israel, who are in the advanced stages of writing the script for their first or second full-length film.

The young writers will be given the opportunity to work with four leading script editors, according to an announcement from the school yesterday. Beginning in December of this year, the writers will begin arriving for seven-month stints in the program at the Mishkenot Sha'ananim culture and conference center in Jerusalem.

The mentors to the writers will continue to offer their advice by e-mail and phone after their face-to-face contact in the program ends. The final scripts will compete in the Jerusalem Film Festival, where a panel of judges will select the two best scripts for a cash award to fund the films' production.

"I believe through the incubator we will manage to cultivate and encourage international talent, and thereby also strengthen Israel and Jerusalem as a center of excellence on the international film scene," said Renen Schorr, director of the Spiegel school.

The Jerusalem incubator will be the fourth of its kind in the world.